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Please find below a list of my gear package that is available to come with me to set.


Blackmagic URSA G2 4.6k

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera

Sony A7s III


18mm Meike S35 T2.1 EF

25mm Meike S35 T2.1 EF

50mm Meike S35 T2.1 EF

18-35mm Sigma Art F1.8

50mm Sigma Art F1.4

GJ 35mm 1.8x Anamorphic T2.8

GJ 50mm 1.8x Anamorphic T2.8

GJ 85mm 1.8x Anamorphic T2.8

Camera Support

Tripod w/Fluid Head

B-cam Tripod

Crane 3s Gimbal

Rhino Slider w/Motion Package

4' Jib


Wireless HDMI Kit

Acssoon Cineview SE Wireless SDI

Atomos Ninja V

7" Client Monitor

Wireless Follow Focus

Tilta Clamp on Matte Box

Tilta Mini Matte Box

V-lock Batteries x4

NPF Batteries


ND 4x5.65 - 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.5, 2.1

Variable ND

1/8 Tiffen Black Pro Mist

1/4 Tiffen Black Pro Mist

Diopters 2x


2.5K HMI fresnel
Nanlite Forza 500 w/fresnel

Nanlite Forza 60 w/fresnel

330w LED bowens point source

60w LED bowens point source w/fresnel

Nanlite Pavotube 30x

Nanlite Pavotube 15x

Quasar Science Rainbow 2 2ft

800w Arrilite x2

2000w Arrilite x2

Aputure P60c

Aputure F7 x2

Aputure MC x4

Practical Lighting Kit (tungsten bulbs, dimmers, lamp holders, fairy lights, festoons etc.)

Extension Cables Kit (various lengths)

Look Unique 2.1 Hazer


C-stands with Boom Arms x4

Kupo Master K Boom Stand with Castors x1

Avenger Mini Boom x1

Large Lighting Stands x3

Medium Lighting Stands x3

Mini Stands x1

Grip Heads x9

Jumbo Grip Heads x1

Apple Box Complete Family x1

Super (K) Clamps x6

Cardellini Clamps x1

Quacker Clamp x1 

Scissor Clamps x1

Selection of Spring Clamps

Sandbags x8

Shotbags 14kg x2

Boom Buddy Holders x2


8x8' Frame w/ultrabounce, black, grid cloth, egg crate

4x4' Frame w/Lee 216

Large Reflector, Medium Reflector, Small Reflector

2x Medium Softboxes w/egg crates

4x4' Floppy Flag

Reflector Kit (small, medium, large)

Westcott Fast Flag Kit

Fabrics (In various sizes)

Un-bleached Muslin

Bleached Muslin

Black Duvetene

Sheers & Expansion Poles

Grey Backdrop Fabric

Gels (From the roll charged at £15 a cut metre)

Selection of Pre-Cut Gels

CTO Roll

CTO 1/2 Roll

CTO 1/4 Roll

CTB Roll

CTB 1/2 Roll

CTB 1/4 Roll

Lee Full White Diffusion Roll

Lee Half White Diffusion Roll

Lee Quarter White Diffusion Roll

Lee Eighth White Diffusion Roll


Rode NTG3 x2

Rode VideoMic Pro-r

Zoom H5

Wireless Lav Packs x2

Boom Poles x2

Dead Cat x2

Rycote Undercovers

Audio Technica ATX-40 Headphones


Van - Nissan NV200

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